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 Multimedia  Enabled  Interactive Class Rooms

 This digital age has brought into the class rooms of nirmala the touch of information technology.  The classrooms being converted into smartclass, widening the imagination.  A new innovation is being brought into the hightech class rooms.  
We are focus on to provide the best and most current scientific data for teaching and learning process with the support of multimedia technology forms like text, graphics, images, animation, audio and videos etc to disseminate information quickly and accurately as per the curriculam , this effect of visualization helps the students to achieve their fullest potential. A Hi-tech computer system with DLP projector / LCD monitor implemented in all class rooms for multi-sensory mode of learning.
Class room Interactive Learning system specification in UP and HS section
·         Nodes-Intel Dual Core Machines having 1GB RAM , 80 GB HDD .
·         DLP Projector having 2000+ Luminous with Interactive board system.
·         Server-Intel Xeon , 500GB x 3 HDD loaded with curriculum based resources.
·         Windows softwares with license.
Class room Interactive Learning system specification in LP section
·         Nodes – Intel Pentium IV 2 .66 GHz - 64 Bit Machines
·         High Resolution 42” LCD Monitor
·         Windows softwares with license.
Hi-Tech Computer Labs
A well equipped Air conditioned Senior computer lab with 40 computers connected through  LAN facility . A Broad band Internet connection and LCD Projector are available for teaching and learning process. We have a separate junior computer lab having 20 computers with LAN facility. A team of faculties is organized for maintaining and managing the labs procedures.
Biology Lab
Integrated  Library Management
We introduced computing and technology for the library management. The majority of books are themed, thus allowing for extensive in-depth coverage and analysis of key areas of books. This will help the student to identify the precise book.
Key benefits
·         Over 5000 books are categorised according to their pattern
·         A integrated monitoring system
·         Separate reference section for faculty.
Computerized Office Management
We computerized office procedures and implemented a software for different sections and its activities. As the part of this front office computerisation , a concept of single window  client services is introduced.
          Over all Benefits
·         Improved the efficiency of  office workforce .
·         Improved accountability
·         Parents satisfaction by way of reduced waiting time and immediate response to queries
·         Eliminating the scope of manipulation and favour in getting services
·         Time required for payment of fee and collection of academic records reduced .
·         Many periodical statements and procedures are automated.Lab Facilities
Lab Facilities
                  We have a full-fledged lab for conducting Physics, Chemistry and Biology experiments. Our labs can accomodate 80 students at a time. A Mathematics lab that offers sufficient facilities to develop their arithmetic skill is also functioning effectively.
Art and Craft
An Art and Craft section that offer training in developing creative skills in candle making, painting, drawing, stitching and glass painting is provided in the school campus.
Extra Curricular Classes
The school provides special classes fior flourishing the talents of the students. Classes are being taken by experts in dance, music, karate, roller skating, basket ball, physical education, painting, band, yoga, aerobics, abacus etc for the students.