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Venerable Mar Thomas Kuraialacherry ( Founder )

Thomas Kurialacherry, fondly called as Kunjuthomachen was born on January 14th, 1873 at Champakulam in Changanacherry, Kerala to Chackochen and Accamma. As a child, he grew up with extra ordinary goodness and piety. From his tender ages onwards Thomas had a special devotion to the Eucharistic Lord and Blessed Mother. To be a priest was his lifelong desire and he took the decision for priesthood while he was studying at Mannanam. While having his seminary education in Rome, being influenced and inspired by the Perpetual Adoration sisters who used to spend their day and night in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, he received an inner call to make the Eucharistic Lord known, loved and adored by all, always and everywhere. During the nine years he spend at the Propaganda, he excelled in everything and in the College register it is recorded about him as the first in everything, the beloved leader of the classmates and a zealous missionary.


Mother Chantal (Philomina Vallayil) was born on 23 December 1880 to Mathew and Mariamma at Champakulam.

Mother Chantal was a deeply religious woman and that was the source of her extra ordinary courage and strength. During the formation period, the Founder Fr. Thomas Kurialacherry became aware of her motherly love, courage, strength and determination that were essential for keeping up with the demands of a new congregation. On 23rd January 1903, she spent a year with the Clarist sisters at Changanacherry where she pursued her school level studies. Later while continuing studies at Mutholi, she had about 17 children under her care, accompanying her. They were the first candidates in the congregation. Six of them received veil on 8th December 1908, which resulted as the foundation of the Adoration Congregation.

On 27 May 1899 Fr. Thomas Kurialacherry returned to Kerala from Rome as an enthusiastic young priest with the desire to begin the congregation. During a Sermon on “Devotion to the Sacred Heart" in his own parish of Kalloorkad church in Champakulam, a young widow, Philomina Vallayil experienced an unusual kind of joy and peace within her. After the sermon she met the priest and expressed her desire to accept religious life to adore the Lord. He in his turn hoped that she would be the right person to work with him to establish the new congregation that he had visualized. He enthusiastically blessed her saying “You have come to me today like a Chantal going to Francis de Sales and a Clare going to Francis of Assisi and your aims and intentions could be materialized only by Almighty God and His blessed Mother". Thus it was Rev Mar Thomas Kurialacherry proposed the name Mother Mary Francesca de Chantal .

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Mother Chantal (Philomina Vallayil)

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