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Nirmala Bhavan Higher Secondary School


Learning the arts and crafts doesn't just foster the creative development of a child, but also assists in advancing and refining his or her core skills, which in fact goes towards boosting academic achievement as well. They also enhance the interest of the children and motivate their artistic potential.

Instrumental Music

The benefits of music education are immense and highly beneficial to students. Music positively impacts a child's academic performance, assists in developing social skills, and provides an outlet for creativity that is crucial to a child's development. Music education requires students to recognize and repeat pitch, tone or enunciation of words.

Music Room

Our school has a well designed music room for students to be able to practise their instruments in comfort.

Recording Studio

We have an air conditioned Recording studio, so that student may record their musical performances. The studio is equipped with latest technology in AV recording, editing and production.


Our school has a musical band which brings together the talented musicians amongst our students.


We provide amenities and training in various dance forms in Our school. Talented students can join the dance classes.