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Nirmala Bhavan Higher Secondary School

Principal's Message

Love is God

The dream to succeed is an inborn inheritance. The most pertinent aspect in the life of a student is to have a definite aim.There had been many a great men who set examples of courage, determination and great achievement. For example, take the life of Edmund Hilary and Tenson Norgay, the first mountaineers to reach the Summit of Mount Everest. They reached that pinnacle only through perseverance and faced many odds with determination. It is not the mountain of life that to be Conquered but it is one's self.To combat oneself especially students should abstain from the social networking sites and mobiles as they cause hindrance in the path in attaining the goal if not used in the right way. The same networking sites are fruitful if used in the right way. Be wise as serpents and harmless as a dove is a golden sentence which means be wise like a snake and faithful like Dove.