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Nirmala Bhavan Higher Secondary School


Computer Lab

IT plays a crucial role in moulding the ability to learn , access information and fulfil the current scenarios and fill the gap in digital learning. Computer in education completely enhance students' mathematical knowledge, critical thinking, and improve scores, besides helping with problem-solving.

Maths Lab

Helps to built interest and confidence in the subject . It provides opportunity to co-relate the mathematical concept with day to day life.

Botany Lab

Helps to navigate the plant kingdom for the study of its classification, structural property and biochemical process of all forms of floras.

Zoology Lab

Detailed understanding of fauna by explaining the morphological and anatomical characteristics of animal world.

Physics Lab

An arena to explore the deeper world of physics and a perfect place to experiment the integral part of the core subject in a comprehensive way.

Chemistry Lab

To develop practical ability for designing and experimenting, analysing and interpreting results and thereby deepens the understanding of chemical synthesis in various compounds.